JAR specialises in the training, design, manufacturing and sustainment of high performance Unmanned Aerial Systems. Our approach utilises innovative integration to deliver customised solutions which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

JAR’s engineering solutions make the best use of the latest technologies and systems, sourced from our own resources and those of our partners around the world.

JAR’s reputation is built on the quality of each individual’s performance and a collective professional approach to work, applying high ethical standards in a business-like manner. Doing what we say we are going to do, doing what is right for JAR, our shareholders and our customers; the right way, at the right time, every time.

We have developed an innovative and systematic approach to collaboration encompassing rapid knowledge sharing and transfer, and a firm commitment to building effective, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. JAR works with our partners to develop new capabilities, and to grow our businesses.



JAR Aerospace has a clear mission, to ignite the Aerospace industry in Australia.


Essential to this is the systematic requirement to influence collaboration between both Industry and Educational Institutions to enable rapid knowledge transfer. This fosters a new, innovative and Industry connected educational system to support JAR’s expanding skill base and capability.


The magnitude and complexity of our mission requires an innovative approach, agility and a firm focus on the destination.